Insurance Resume

Today insurance has become most competitive field and any professional applying for the insurance job should have sufficient talent and eligibility to move around competitive world of insurance. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are very important while imparting expertise to clients on a daily basis. As insurance covers vast field, professional with different qualities are [...]

Fresher Resume

Fresher are always new entrants in the job market. They also do not have any professional working experience to show in their resume for any new job. As, this may be their first job, they should make their resume with care, highlighting their academic records, accolades received during academic years, special skills and extra curricular [...]

Hotel Resume

The hotel industry is also described as hospitality industry because it deals with the guests, accommodation services, foods, beverages and Entertainment. They try to offer their best possible high class services to the visitors. Any hotel industry needs numerous designation personnel to look after the excellent service to guests, banquet halls, managing conferences, restaurants, organizing [...]

HR Resume

The human resources department plays an important part for the success of any company. HR department has wide variety of responsibilities, including hiring new employees, dealing with labor disputes, training employees, compensation policies, benefit programs, union and labor relations and many more. HR has various designation for different human resource responsibilities executions such as  HR [...]

Graphic Arts Resume

Graphic Arts are deemed to be specialized course, relating to the sketching, designing, web designing and graphs. Graphic Designing is solely computer based technology. Any personnel interested to pursue career in this field by working with a reputed company, should be a perfect computer-literate and have different types of artistic, creative as well as fictional [...]

Government Resume

Government consists of different bodies and officials, who bear the responsibilities to moot plans, analyze, allocate funds, and execute policies for the sake of public affairs. Different departments and government bodies includes Water, Electricity, Sanitation, Medicines, Hospitals, Telecoms, Railways, Airways, Waterways, Defense, Police, Communication, Agriculture, Animal husbandry, Municipality, School-College, Universities, Research institutes so on and [...]