Dos and Don’ts for Acting Resume

August 10th, 2009 – Admin

It has been observed that the contenders load the acting resumes with so much of information that it begins to look boastful and resume lacks in preferred qualities and thus it causes the negative effect on the resume readers. So, please use as simple language as you can that can play a role of torch owner for the employers or resume readers showing them the scene that you want them to see.

But, in order to get the desired break, the candidate should mention even that information in the acting resumes as their astonishing qualities that really they do not have in the body. Please don’t mention any such qualities in the resume that goes beyond your own capacity in the trial round itself.

Please don’t forget to staple the photos of the stage performance or the drama show (if you might have taken a part in past) with your acting resume. This photo shots should clearly envisage your features as attractive one and smart. Please do not attaché the photo shots that do not reveal your attendance in the scene or TV show.

  • Please don’t forget to attach the photo shot on the resume front.
  • Always use the fonts that are soothing to the eyes and should show the required details clearly.
  • You can put as many information as you want but all of them should be present on one page only.

Even though you’ve got to elaborate the information about yourself, do not talk about the dispensable information like family details, father’s name, clan, cast and marital status.

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