What to be Written in Acting Resume

August 11, 2009 – Admin

As you are expected to perform in front of the camera or audiences as lively as you can as an actor (with any kind of roll given to you), your acting resume is supposed to show the your qualities and should represent you as a qualified candidate, successfully for the acting job, as it is need in the field of acting. Write about yourself in a way that it should not look to be an exaggerated resume by nature and rhetoric by language. It should rather be substantial, vivid and information-oriented without causing any kind of irritation to the pursuer.

It is very much necessary to reveal all the contributions you have made to the Acting field without going into the details. You should present the information on you and your background in such a way that the resume reader should become curious to know about you further and should select your resume as a special with keen interest.

How to Write Acting Resume

When you write your acting resume, you should remain self-centric and should present the real picture of your personality and especially should stress upon your hair, eye color, your length and weight. Mention your name as the top of the resume and give your contact number and e-mail address.

Try to highlight the work experience you have directly with acting, theater, Cinema or TV. If you’ve done any specific course in singing, dancing, acting, cinematography, editing or direction should be mentioned with the title letters in the resume with the name of institute and year of the course completion.

If you have some experience in the field of acting, please highlight in a chronological order commencing on your resume with the name of latest drama, Venue or Film (Educational, Documentary and Feature) with the name of the character you have played.

Please mention of the serial ratings or movies if you have acted in some serial or movie for chronic period, what you have earned from it, should also be written into the resume to show your deserved position you are applying for.

Last but not the least, you should write the education like High School, Graduation or Post Graduation in any stream like business, science, commerce or arts.

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