Sample File Clerk Resume

The present day economic recession has created scare of unemployment, job cuts and salary reduction among the job seekers all over the world. Rarely any job openings are advertised and by any chance, if any recruitment offers are posted on the paper and electronic media, hundreds of job seekers apply for the offered job. For example, there is an opening for file clerk in a big corporation and if you are also applying for the job along with hundreds of other applicants, then where do you rate yourself? Do you hope to get the offer letter for the job? What chances do you have to get selected in the company?

The job seeker applying for the file clerk job should remember that his resume should provide the detailed information quickly along with the relevant experience suitable for the job he is applying to get recruited in the company.

The following sample file clerk resume will help him to prepare his resume which can enhances the chance of getting the offered job of office clerk:


  • An objective should be written in short with specific information about career objective, skill and position.

Contact Details

  • Full Name
  • Permanent and Temporary Addresses
  • Cell phone or telephone numbers
  • Mailing Addresses

Academic Details

  • Degree, post graduation degree or any specialization in certain field along with specific years and date of graduation
  • College and universities names, locations like city and states
  • License or certificate awarded for the graduation
  • Medal or any achievements during the academic career


  • Computer knowledge and its proficiency
  • Language known


The past, present experiences and achievements should be written clearly along with the details, how your achievements can be beneficial to the company.

  • Designation in last or present company
  • Name and location of the employer
  • Employment details with dates, months and years
  • Responsibilities shared in the company
  • Achievements if any accrued, while working in the present and past companies.

Extra-curricular Activities

The information about extra-curricular activities shows your personality and activeness in various fields.

The above sample resume will help you in preparing your sample file clerk resume for your job application

August 14, 2009 – Admin

Here we have given a sample resume for File Clerk for your preview. With the help of this resume you can draft your own resume if you are applying for the designation of File Clerk in any organization. We have used totally fictitious name and address in this sample resume to give you an idea on how you can draft a File Clerk resume. We really hope that this sample resume for File Clerk works well for you.

Andrews Thomas
Beethoven Street
Hooton, Texas 72435
(135) 255-1545


  • To deliver the excellent performance as a file clerk.

Quality Summary

  • Expertise in keeping the files and conspicuous records.
  • Keeping track of electronically encrypted data of important files.
  • Applied innovative ideas to increase the work efficiency of employees.
  • Pleasant and disciplined personality.
  • High typing speed with full accuracy.
  • Very good communications skills with fluent English.

Professional Experience

Information Center, Johnston, 20YY – Till date

File Clerk

  • Collecting the information from the different sections of the company and making their authentic file
  • Keeping the file records alphabetically.
  • Looking after the company security, preparing the files on it and dispatching them to the different departments.
  • Kept all the documents at the availability of a single click.
  • Helped the data entry operators to rapid their work.

Global Hospital, 19XX – 20YY

Assistant File clerk

  • Worked as time keeper and kept the presence and absence of employees.
  • Maintained the daily present register
  • Disbursed the salaries to employees via checks and cash.
  • Worked as accountant and collected fees with issuing the receipts.
  • Looked after the hospital budgets for hospital beds and medicines.

Educational Background

  • Graduate of Commerce from Johnston College in 19YY.
  • Assistant Secretarial certification from MM Institute in 20XX.

Software Knowledge

  • Efficient in internet browsing.
  • Very high speed typing and higher accuracy.
  • Good Communication skills and fluent English.

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