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Are you working as a project manager in a locally based construction firm and opting to apply in a global based company for architect job? Then you should know the art of writing resumes to make the company interested in your architect resume.

There are various reasons why job seekers search for the jobs, want to shift from the present job or look for new challenging jobs. The main factors which make them follow such actions are better monetary gains, career developments, better opportunities, job satisfactions, stability and reliability of the company. These scenarios of job changing are more prevalent among the professionals who have done specialized courses or are specialized in the specific field.

But getting the desired job is not an easy task as there are hundreds of job seekers applying for the same job. For example there is job offer from globally based architect and design firm, where the company is looking for architect project manager to supervise their construction work. But in the present economic recession, you will find numerous numbers of job seekers applying for the job of project manager.

Such large influx of job seekers demands special care when you prepare your resume to be presented to the company because if your curriculum vitae are not informative or professionally made then you may not even get the call for the interview.

With poorly made resume, your chance of getting the job is minimum or negligible. This becomes more necessary when you apply for the jobs like architect which requires very high technical, designing, software skills and engineering specialization. Your proficiency, skill, expertise, experience and management capabilities in these fields are first points any hiring manager of architect designing and engineering firms will want to find in you. These reasons make it necessary that your resume should provide them complete information about your skills and experiences.

Again, it is also necessary that the person applying for the architect jobs should find out which types of architect jobs suits him best with his expertise and experience. There are basically five types of architect jobs available with the companies. They are designer, project manager, consultant, business owner and instructor. All five types of jobs require a combination of skills, experience and education.

Architects are trained in design and engineering. The responsibility solely lies on them for preparing the designs to create buildings, instruct and implement these design details.

If you are planning to apply for such architect jobs then you should remember that you should have post secondary training in architectures. The proficient architect is highly trained and licensed in designing, planning and supervising of the constructions of the buildings.

Due to the requirements of these specialized technical and expertise designing skills, the Construction Company or architect consultation firm, who are appointing architects for their construction work, would like to see such qualities on the architect they are recruiting. Now the question arises, how can job seeker architect, can bring his construction and designing skills to the attention of hiring manager of the company? Then, the answer is by making his resume professionally by highlighting his detailed skills and expertise in designing, engineering and construction capabilities. He can also show his advanced software programming talents for architect designing and project makings.

The following sample resume will help the architect to make his resume to present and highlight his skill to the architect recruiting company.

Architect resume

Contact Details: Contact detail should show his full name, temporary and permanent address, cell phone and mobile numbers and mailing address.

Academic Information: The name of the institution, its location state and country. It is advisable to write highest degree first and subsequently lower to other degrees. He should also write about degree, post graduation degree, specialized course details and years of their award in the architect resume.

Any achievement or prestigious awards and certificates offered during academic or training period should also be mentioned by the architect.

Experience: The present experience should be written first and accordingly, if any experienced held, should be informed in detail.

Activities and memberships: The details about taking part in different activities like project making etc. during education period or in professional life should be informed on the architect resume. It is also necessary to mention about holding of any membership in professional or architectural organizations.

Personal information: Any personal information that is helpful like citizenship, special acclamation and so on should be mentioned in the curriculum vitae.

Moreover, the following further details in the architect resume will make it more impressive and outstanding:

  1. Details about design, planning, testing responsibilities and implementation of them.
  2. Information about systems, architecture designs etc.
  3. Implementation or development of any innovative techniques and practices.
  4. Information of all project details he has worked.
  5. Involvement in any cost reducing or work efficiency practices, which has enhanced the revenue of the construction firm.
  6. Any further information desired by the company or specific details mentioned in the advertisement of job posting.

With above tips in mind, if you make your architect resume, the chances to get the call for interview and selection is near possibility.
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