Fresher Resume – Entry Level Sample Resumes & Cover Letters Tue, 22 Sep 2015 06:52:52 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Fresher Resume Fri, 04 May 2012 07:47:07 +0000 Are you just out of college and looking for a job? Then, here you should perfect your resume before you apply for any job.

Fresher are always new entrant in the job market. They also do not have enough experience to show in their resume for any job. They must be confused with question like, pills how do I write my resume? How can I get the interview call?
These questions are greatest worry for newly graduate college students, stuff who are planning to start their job career. As, this may be their first job, they should make their resume with care, highlighting their academic records, accolades received during academic years, special skills and extra curricular activities.

The following details will help the fresher, for their resume preparation:

Contact Information

The top of the resume should contain your contact details like full name in large font, temporary and permanent address, contact numbers and Email address.


They should fix up some objective as their career goal and write in this section about their aspiration in life. This may include the position you are looking for, type of industry you are interested and functional area in the industry.


As you are a fresher without any prior work experiences, you can insert your strengths which can be beneficial to the company.


This is your most important section as the employer would be looking for your educational background. You can give the name of your high school, college and post graduation, along with the curriculum of your education, completion time and location of the educational institute.

If you have done any specialization course or Internship, then you can give the detail of the course and Internship with name and duration of the internship.

Any award, accolades and ranking conferred on you as best performer should be mentioned in this part.

Additional and technical skills

You can write your inborn qualities like excellent communication and writing skills, dedicated, proficiency in other languages and so on.

You can also mention your technical skills like good in computer and software operation, knowledge about Microsoft Word package etc.

Extra Curricular Activities

Their proficiencies in other fields show their activeness and zeal for perfection in the eye of the employer.

With such details in your resume, you can expect to find the job with confidence.

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Tips for Writing Your Resume Sat, 08 Jan 2011 07:07:13 +0000 Are you planning to apply for a job? Then you should prepare your resume professionally to get short listed and receive interview call.

The present day economic slowdown has affected people globally. They are finding it difficulty in sustaining their daily expenses. Unemployment scare, prescription job and salary cut is rampant everywhere. In such scenario, cialis for any new job opening, pharm there is hundreds of job seeker, applying for the posted job. If your resume is professionally made with personal and professional details, it can draw the attention of the employer; otherwise, you can forget about the employment, you will not even receive the interview call.

Well articulated resume with informative information is necessary for any job application. The following Tips for Writing Your Resume, will help you to make your resume professionally for job application:

You should get a plain sheet of Ivory paper.

  • Arm with all informative information and skills you possess, to include in your resume.
  • Your resume should contain key words to draw the attention of the employer quickly.

You can now formulate your resume in the following order:

Contact Details

Under this sub heading, you can write your full name in large fonts, followed by residential address, contact number and Email address.

Career Objective

You can write about your career aspiration and goal, which you deserve from your past and present experience.

Professional Summary

In this section you can show your professional expertise and achievements, accrued from working in other organizations. You can also show how your working has benefited the previous organization.

Any accolades conferred on you as best performer, during your working with any specific organization, can be inserted in this section.

Professional Experience

Under this heading, you can write the name of the set ups, where you have worked previously. The duration of working and job designation, should also be furnished in this part.


  • Any employer would be interested in your academic record, so write the name of High School, College, Post Graduation courses along with the degree or certificate award time and curriculum of your studies.

If you have done any further specialization course, then you can mention the details of such courses in this section.

Any award or certificate bestowed on you, can be written here.

Additional Skills

  • Under this sub heading you can show your natural qualities like excellent communication, interpersonal, typing skills etc.

Technical Skills

  • You can also mention your Technical skills like good Computer Software knowledge, proficient in Microsoft Word Package and so on.


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