Management Resume – Entry Level Sample Resumes & Cover Letters Tue, 22 Sep 2015 06:52:52 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Manager Resume for Managerial Job Profile Fri, 19 Oct 2012 10:56:04 +0000 The post of manager can be termed as the back bone of any organization. The managerial job profile includes management, remedy coordination, sovaldi inventory management that includes revenue collection, liaison and all round activities related to the organization. The post of manager is life and blood to the successful operation of the company.

The burden of running and bearing the responsibility of resourcing, controlling the entire organization, organizing and moving it forward in the present competitive corporate world, completely lies on the shoulder of the manager.

This makes it necessary that the manager resume should mention in distinct term, the capacity and capability of the applicant to undertake the nature of responsibility like the management of production, operation, human resources, inventory, strategic, marketing, coordination , inter departmental, information technology management and so on, to the satisfaction of the top management or the smooth running of the organization. These details can be penned down on the different columns of the manager resume with the information about past experiences and any technical training undergone by the applicant previously.

The big organization have different management fields, which requires different specializations and the applicant should apply for the function of specific field of the set up, for which he is proficient due to his earlier experiences.

This specialization can be best understood by the following example. Any organization or company has different operation fields like director operation, casino manager, casino shift manager, accounts manger, cash management manager, development manager, project manager etc.
If the applicant is proficient in Cash management manager then he should apply for the post of this job instead of applying for the post of operation or marketing manager. By applying to the post of cash management, the job seeker can fully utilize his specialization for the advancement of the company with successful implementation of his skill on the management of this field.

The following details will help the applicant, preparing his resume for the managerial post:

Contact Information: This section should include his full name in bloke font, his address- present and permanent, phone and cell phone numbers, if any and E-mail address.

Goal or objective

The candidate can write about the qualities possessed by him and the goal he tries to achieve through his past experience and responsibilities, he has undertaken working in the earlier organization. This information also substantiate his application for the managerial post, he is applying for.
The applicant should also note that the basic criteria for the manager post are working experience above 5 years in any set up. This is also the general tradition of the corporate world. The details in the resume should explicitly inform about his working experience above 5 years and his efficiency in managing, planning, guiding, controlling, resourcing and organizing the policies and operations, during his tenure with his past or present organization and how he has managed to handle these operation smoothly.

Achievements Details

The manager resume are screened by the top management of the company, hence, the resume should impress the management with the notion that you are the most suited for the post of manager.
Any, personal specialization, introduced by you for the efficient working of specific department under your charge in the previous set up and the achievement gained through your initiative, should be mentioned in the resume to impress the top management.


The details of schooling, college, post graduation and any specialized courses completed, should be penned down with the name of educational institutes, curriculum for school, college, post graduation and specialized course along with the dates, months and years of the completion or award of degree certificates.
Any accolade or scholarship offered for the general proficiency and achievement of any top ranks should also be informed on the resume.
Mentioning of the details of his any further specialized courses in the resume shows his mastery on the particular field and adds value to his capabilities to manage the specific field.


Working experience with the present organization should be mentioned along with the name of the set up first and simultaneously, should inform about other working experiences with other companies in reverse chronicle order.
Theoretical Knowledge
Any information or experiences, you think necessary for the managerial post and looked after by the corporate world, should be inserted on the resume. This information may include fields like, organizing, operation, planning, controlling and so on.

Technical Keywords

The use of many technical keywords in your manager resume is sure going to impress the top management going through your resume. Such use of technical words shows your competency for the managerial responsibility and post.

Project Undertaken

Successful implementation of any project while working with the previous organization should be mentioned on your resume to show your ability and capacity.


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Territory Manager Marketing Resume Thu, 11 Oct 2012 08:21:48 +0000 The resume of Territory Manager Marketing should show job expertise and experience in Sales Account.

The sales professional should possess skills, unhealthy such as:
• National Account Management
• Analysis of Market
• Design of the Sales Proposal
• Reseller Management
• Contract Negotiation and Closing
• Consultative Solutions
• Sales Territory Management
• Sales and Business Development

Territory Manager Marketing Resume Example

Jerry Smith
1356, treatment West 72 Street, viagra
Carlisle, MA 01821
Home: (325) – 555 7862

Territory Manager
Well experienced sales professional in medical field. Skilled in market research, negotiation and sales closing, Better judgment to understand competitors strategy and formulated sales policies to stay ahead. Developed new sales account by managing successfully existing accounts. Possess excellent communication skill and proficient in relationship management and consultative solutions. Motivate sales professionals to achieve higher sales figure.

Area of Core Competencies
Client Relations / Relationship & Account Management / Negotiation & Presentation / Problem Solving Strategy / Sales and Training Programs / Consultative Solutions

Professional Experience

Global Inc., Lancaster PA, 2001 – Present
Territory Manager Marketing

Cultivate client relationship by serving clients across residential, road and transport, industrial and commercial markets while working in present concrete pillar manufacturing unit. Interact, with contractors in development of pillars that hold safety and cost effectiveness with special emphasis on productivity.


• Able to generate order worth $3 million by servicing existing clients and developing new cliental base.
• Care about client concerns and satisfy them with solutions.
• Successful in retaining existing clients and winning back lost clients by effective consultative solutions.
• Penetrate competitor market by effective sales strategy and motivating sales representatives to achieve sales goal.
• Awarded Sales Proficiency award for excellence in sales and revenue generation.

Radcliff Manufacturing Co. New York, 1997 – 2001
Territory Manager

Formulate strategic sales policies in marketing of building construction solutions. Led a team of 12 sales professionals for business growth, by providing motivate sales training to generate revenues. Consult with contractors for continue improvement of the quality.


• Achieved record sale of $ 2.5 million by improving stagnant sales figure of $ 1 million in previous year 1996, sales figure.
• Awarded Golden Sword of the company for best sales performance
• Motivated sales professionals and generated revenue of $21.75 million for the organization
• Managed to create new Accounts in the East cost, which added revenue of $1 million.
• Promoted as Sales Operational Manager to service National Accounts.


AS Degree in Business Administration (Major – Management, Minor – marketing), Texas University in 1995
Miller Heiman Strategic Course from St. George College of Strategic Science, Illinois, 1997

Technical Skills

Microsoft Word Package, Outlook, Computer Hardware and Macintosh software

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Office Manager Resume Example Thu, 22 Dec 2011 11:18:46 +0000 An able Office Manager can be termed as the foundation stone of any company or business. It is his primary duty to see that office, viagra staff, patient budget and records are managed efficiently. He supervises the work in the office and formulates and implements important policies of an office. Due to such responsible position, try the Office Manager Resume should show his responsibility bearing capacity along with the office supervision and interpersonal skills for the smooth running of the business. He should mention his ability to formulate strategic policies and implementing them for the benefit of the business.
Office Manager Resume Example

Contact Details
Full Address (Temporary and Permanent)
Telephone/Cell Numbers
Email Address

Proficiency and aspirations in his career, his expected goal from the vast experience gained and how he means to benefit the company or business.

Professional Skills
•    Responsibility bearing Capability
•    Strategic Planning and Implementation
•    Staff and office supervisory responsibilities
•    Interpersonal and Inter Departmental Skills
•    Budget and Record Maintenance
•    Recruitment and Training
•    Interaction and role with Senior Management
•    Customer and client Relationship

Professional Experience
Most recent Work Experience with the name of organization, position held, duration of work and achievements. Any monetary gains to the organization can be shown in numerical figures with the year of accomplishment. Followed by, similar prior work experience details and achievements.


Post Graduation: Name of the Educational Institute, Education Curriculum, Place and Year of Completion.
Graduation: Name, Place, Academic Curriculum and Degree awarded year.
Specialized Course: Details including name, year of completion and nature of the specialized course.
Academic Achievements
Professional Accolades and Certificates

Technical Skills
Computer Operation and any other technical skills

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Functional Resume Example Fri, 08 Apr 2011 06:40:55 +0000 Functional Resume Example shows expertise in three major areas in management, store customer service and administrative help.
This functional resume shows the summary of proficiencies in the field of customer service, computers, accounting, word processing, data archiving, problem solving and so on.

It is advisable that the job seeker, instead of going for specific details, should highlight his achievements and responsibilities under three sub headings respectively. The professional job experiences are then furnished under the functional area, to be followed by education, training and extra skills.

Simon Peter
124 Hillegass Blvd.
Berkeley CA 94705
(510) 987-2134

Objective: Aspire to be Super Market head checker and head clerk by executing proficiencies gained through many years working experience.

Professional Summary

• 10 year experience working in the position of head clerk and head checker in the super market grocery store.
• Well appreciated by customers as competent, intelligent and cooperative personnel.
• Excellent communication and writing skill
• Dedicated, honest and always greet customers with courtesy.
• Analytical, Interpersonal skill and productive.

Professional Experience:

Customer Service

• Developed affinity to the customer by attending them with a smile, showing cordiality, listening customers patiently, assisting and offering them due importance, in most friendly manner.
• Served the customers as a product specialist by educating and directing customers to sophisticated items like special gourmets, traditional foods, exotic spices, and so on.
• Enhanced sales by convincing and advising customers to replace their name-brand items with similar in-house quality products.
• As a head clerk, supervised the front end of the grocery store with the help of 16 clerks by assigning respective personnel to cover check stand to offer the quick service to the customers.
• Arranged the schedule of the respective clerks, defining their specific cover stand location and ensure their presence all time.
• Managed stockings and seen that respective cover stand have sufficient employees to serve the customers during peak hours.
• Arranged training schedule for new clerks before commencement of their respective duties.

• Accurately maintained cash transaction balance of checkers’ cash drawer.
• Responsibilities executed during Office Cashier position for 2 years.
1. Maintained accurate deposit balance and balanced books
2. Prepared daily Sales Report
3. Get Ready monthly Sales Report for Head Office.
4. Processed returned checks
5. Attended Telephone
Professional Job Experience
Raymond Departmental Store, Oakland CA 2003 – Present
• Head Checker/Head Cashier
Sunrise Bakery, Spokane WA- 2001 to 2003
• Assistant Manager
Youngman Fashions, Berkley, CA – 1999 -2001
• Retail Clerk

Bachelor of Commerce – St. Edward College, New Jersey, 1999

Technical Skill
• Computer Knowledge
• Efficient in Microsoft Word , Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power Point

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