Resume – Entry Level Sample Resumes & Cover Letters Tue, 22 Sep 2015 06:52:52 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Education Resume Mon, 13 May 2013 12:12:54 +0000 In the present day, prescription getting jobs are not easier. For every job openings, and there are multiple numbers of applicants. Sometimes the hiring managers do not even call you up for the interviews due to various reasons. What are the causes for such actions of these hiring mangers for not calling you up for the interviews? The main factor, advice which makes them overlook your candidacy, is the presentation of poor format of your resume to them. They do not find your profile details interesting or informative, to call you up for the interview.

This makes it necessary that the resume you submit for the job application, should be very informative and written in good format. If you are not able to prepare your resume professionally then your details would be lost among the maze of other applicant’s CVs.

The writing of resume is an art in itself. Your details are mirror of you. They tell about your education, interests, activities, achievements and experiences. Putting all profile details in jumbled way on the resume is also not beneficial for your resume preparation. It is necessary to remember that the hiring manager has to scrutinize numerous number of applicants profiles in a short period of time. They are very busy persons and do not have enough time to spend much of their valuable time in searching for the information required by them in your resume.

Your profile should give the needed details quickly to the company or educational institute managements. All these reasons make it essential that, you prepare your resume in a professional way with proper key words and active verbs. If you take special care while making of your resume, then you can hope to get the interview call otherwise forgets about the job, you will not even get the call for the interview.

There are various types of job seekers hunting for jobs in different fields like education, sales and marketing, clerical, engineering, executives, managerial etc. They all need a professionally written resume for their job application. For example, you are a teacher and planning to apply for the job in an educational institute, then how do you prepare education resume, which can boost your possibility of getting the job or interview call? The following resume format and details, put in methodically in your resume, will surely help you to write education resume professionally.

Education Resume

 The resume of the teacher is your brief written profile which presents you as a good teacher to the hiring managers. The important point to remember is, your experience or proficiency in particular subjects are more important to the reader of your resume.

You are a beginner then your details should not be longer than necessary and one page is enough to describe you. But if you have experience of plus one year than you can opt for longer resume.

The following details are essential for your education resume.

Contact Details:
Name – Full name
Address – Temporary, Present and Permanent address
Telephone – Cell and phone numbers

 Education Information:

Institute name with dates, months and year for education degree or certificate award.

The information about any post graduation, degree or specialized course details should also be mentioned with year and name of the institute.

 Teaching Experience:

The use of key word and active verb are necessary when you describe of your experience in classroom teaching. The interviewer would be more interested with your ways and skills of teaching, classroom management that includes managing students, innovative ways you have introduced for your teaching, liaison with parents and understanding the special needs of the students.

You should also mention your proficiency in the subjects, you are supposed to teach. You should also provide the detail of the job title along with the dates of your past or present teaching profile.

 Other Experiences:

You can inform on your resume, the knowledge or other related experiences, you have gained during the course of your teaching in the past or present job.

Further details, which you can insert in your education resume and might interest to the hiring personnel or the principal, are as follows:

  • Proficiency in the particular subject
  • Career objective – This section should show your career goal or type of job profile you are interested in including your capabilities like seeking challenging designation etc.
  • Award of any honorary degree or certificates like Phi Delta Kappa, Dean’s list etc. Any scholarship or achievements should also be mentioned in your profile details.
  • Information about any professionally related seminars or development courses, you have attended can also be added in your education resume.
  • Mentioning of membership of any organization, association or taking part in any social activities including the position held also can make your profile impressive in the eye of the principal or hiring manager.
  • You can also write down your quality as teacher, your successful contribution to the events, programs of the past and present institutions and so on. Such details will show your abilities and responsibility bearing capacity.

Keeping above details in mind, you can prepare your education resume, which can offer you greater chance for interview call and short listing for employment.


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Importance of a Resume in a Career Building Fri, 25 Jan 2013 10:39:21 +0000 If you are searching a satisfying job with sustainable income to cover your family expenses, you must be well versed with writing a Job Application competently because the professional history and honest answer provided by you greatly plays a role in getting your desired job. It is also necessary to remember that it is a common practice among the human resource department of the majority companies to ask your resume along with the application.

Impressive Resume

A Resume can be defined as a written document, containing a summary of applicant’s professional work history such as work experience, skills, education and career objective. It is also one of the most key items in a career search and makes an employer aware of your qualifications and skills. Moreover, resume is also your first contact with a perspective employer or a HR manager of a company. You must also remember that the hiring process of a company requires completing certain recruitment steps including:

  • Initial Telephonic Interview or invite Employment Application/Resume for the posted job.
  • Short listing of resumes.
  • Telephonic Interview for further clarifications.
  • Invite short listed candidates for the interview
  • More than one Interview with HR manager, Employer, Department Head and other company professionals.
  • Apprise candidates on salaries, shift hours, company policies and job details
  • Trainings
  • Induction in the company as an employee

These steps clearly shows the importance of a resume in any employment application and one must be extra careful when writing one’s professional details because if you have written the details in a professional style, and provide required information in a precise detail under separate sub categories, you will have a greater opportunity to bag the applied job.

The best reason that can be cited for the necessity of a well articulated resume is the numbers of job applications received by the company. The present day job crisis, as reported by the Unemployment chart of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics clearly shows the alarming unemployment rate of 8.1% for 2012. The situation is further deteriorated due to the retrenchment of workers by the companies to save overhead expense for meeting the current economic slowdown. The acute job shortages have also created unemployment insecurity among the applicants and for every advertised job hundreds of candidates submit their resumes. If you have written your resume in an unprofessional way, filling up the unnecessary details, you can be assured that your CV will get lost in the maze of other candidate’s resumes. In the same way, the resume of candidates who have articulated their work history details in a proficient way will find its way to HR manager’s office, and these applicants are shortlisted and called for the interview.

Therefore, it is vital to remember that, during current job crisis, every job opportunity coming your way is a god send career break, and you must grab it by articulating your resume document in a most competent way.

In addition, the best way to search any career opportunity is either contacting the perceptive companies in person, or approaching important Job placement agencies for any openings. The career building agencies that can get you the desired job include, Monster, Career Builder, Indeed, Simply Hired, GlassDoor, Jobs, Snagjob, USAJobs and others. You can send your resume to them for new jobs in the companies, and they will contact you for the jobs that suit your qualifications.

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Sample Store Manager Resume Wed, 09 Jan 2013 12:40:41 +0000 In the present day competitive world, patient it is the desire of every job seeker or students, who have completed their education, to aspire for better position in the organization. These reasons make it necessary for the candidate to submit informative resume to the organization, where he is applying for the job. For example, if you are also applying for the job of Store manager then, how would you prepare your resume?

The detailed information about sample resume of store manager is given below to help you in understanding the art of making your own resume:

Information on Sample Store Manager Resume

Contact Information:

• Full Name

• Permanent and temporary address

• Contact numbers – Telephone or Cell numbers

• Email address


• Write in brief about your carrier goal and responsibility bearing capacity and capability.


• Ability to bear responsibility efficiently

• Achievements: How your work has benefited the previous organization, where you have worked

Academic Information;

• Name of the educational institution i.e., high school, college, university and specialization subjects

• Date, month and year of completion and award of degree and certificate after the completion of education stream.

• Details about attending of any further professional courses, duration and finishing year

• Medals, ranks or other accolades conferred on you, during your academic years.

Working Experience

• Name of the organization, where you have worked

• Designation

• Job profile

• Innovative Introductions, which may have benefited the previous organization

• Efficiency in handling various job functions

• Maintaining discipline, bearing responsibility, efficient handling and coordination of inter departmental workings and staff members

Technical and other Skills

• Efficiency in different technical skills like software, MS Word package, excellent communication and writing skills, adaptability

• Any natural quality related to applied job that may impress the hiring manager of the organization.

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Manager Resume for Managerial Job Profile Fri, 19 Oct 2012 10:56:04 +0000 The post of manager can be termed as the back bone of any organization. The managerial job profile includes management, remedy coordination, sovaldi inventory management that includes revenue collection, liaison and all round activities related to the organization. The post of manager is life and blood to the successful operation of the company.

The burden of running and bearing the responsibility of resourcing, controlling the entire organization, organizing and moving it forward in the present competitive corporate world, completely lies on the shoulder of the manager.

This makes it necessary that the manager resume should mention in distinct term, the capacity and capability of the applicant to undertake the nature of responsibility like the management of production, operation, human resources, inventory, strategic, marketing, coordination , inter departmental, information technology management and so on, to the satisfaction of the top management or the smooth running of the organization. These details can be penned down on the different columns of the manager resume with the information about past experiences and any technical training undergone by the applicant previously.

The big organization have different management fields, which requires different specializations and the applicant should apply for the function of specific field of the set up, for which he is proficient due to his earlier experiences.

This specialization can be best understood by the following example. Any organization or company has different operation fields like director operation, casino manager, casino shift manager, accounts manger, cash management manager, development manager, project manager etc.
If the applicant is proficient in Cash management manager then he should apply for the post of this job instead of applying for the post of operation or marketing manager. By applying to the post of cash management, the job seeker can fully utilize his specialization for the advancement of the company with successful implementation of his skill on the management of this field.

The following details will help the applicant, preparing his resume for the managerial post:

Contact Information: This section should include his full name in bloke font, his address- present and permanent, phone and cell phone numbers, if any and E-mail address.

Goal or objective

The candidate can write about the qualities possessed by him and the goal he tries to achieve through his past experience and responsibilities, he has undertaken working in the earlier organization. This information also substantiate his application for the managerial post, he is applying for.
The applicant should also note that the basic criteria for the manager post are working experience above 5 years in any set up. This is also the general tradition of the corporate world. The details in the resume should explicitly inform about his working experience above 5 years and his efficiency in managing, planning, guiding, controlling, resourcing and organizing the policies and operations, during his tenure with his past or present organization and how he has managed to handle these operation smoothly.

Achievements Details

The manager resume are screened by the top management of the company, hence, the resume should impress the management with the notion that you are the most suited for the post of manager.
Any, personal specialization, introduced by you for the efficient working of specific department under your charge in the previous set up and the achievement gained through your initiative, should be mentioned in the resume to impress the top management.


The details of schooling, college, post graduation and any specialized courses completed, should be penned down with the name of educational institutes, curriculum for school, college, post graduation and specialized course along with the dates, months and years of the completion or award of degree certificates.
Any accolade or scholarship offered for the general proficiency and achievement of any top ranks should also be informed on the resume.
Mentioning of the details of his any further specialized courses in the resume shows his mastery on the particular field and adds value to his capabilities to manage the specific field.


Working experience with the present organization should be mentioned along with the name of the set up first and simultaneously, should inform about other working experiences with other companies in reverse chronicle order.
Theoretical Knowledge
Any information or experiences, you think necessary for the managerial post and looked after by the corporate world, should be inserted on the resume. This information may include fields like, organizing, operation, planning, controlling and so on.

Technical Keywords

The use of many technical keywords in your manager resume is sure going to impress the top management going through your resume. Such use of technical words shows your competency for the managerial responsibility and post.

Project Undertaken

Successful implementation of any project while working with the previous organization should be mentioned on your resume to show your ability and capacity.


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Child Care Worker Resume Wed, 17 Oct 2012 06:23:30 +0000 Do you know, salve well informative resume about child caring is necessary to get the job of Child Care Worker? The reason being, diagnosis people are very selective, when they hire any person to look after the children.

Well formulated resume, highlighting the essential skill and experience of child caring, can get you the job of child care worker.

The following tips will come handy, when you prepare your resume for child care worker.

Child Care Worker Resume tips and Format:

First Step

Furnish information, where the potential employer can get in touch with you.

Contact Details:

  • You should write your name in bold letters, followed by your permanent and temporary addresses, contact telephone and mobile numbers, along with your Email address.

Second Step

Furnish the set of skills you possess for execution of your duties around the child.

Quality Summary

  • Any skills beneficial for the child care should be penned down here. These skills may include teaching experience, working knowledge with particular age group of children, first aid and safety procedures knowledge.
  • Any other services, you can perform, like house keeping and laundry, can also be added in this section.

Third Step

You can insert any professional experience related to child care under this heading.

Professional Experience

  • Working details about day care child worker, in a day care facility.
  • Baby sitting experience
  • Nannying knowledge
  • Nursing facts
  • Teaching information

Fourth Step

This part should be devoted to your education and specialization courses.


  • You should write about the academic details along with date, month and year of the certificate and degrees awards.
  • Any specialized training for child care and education, related to this field can be presented here.

It is also not necessary to pass college for getting the job of child worker. Any high school degree is enough for such child care jobs.

Fifth Step

This section should show your inborn qualities and skills gained through experiences.

Additional Skills

  • Soft spoken
  • Well behaved and docile in nature
  • Patience
  • Good communication skill
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What is a Resume? Thu, 08 Sep 2011 06:32:30 +0000 Do you know the importance of your resume in your job search? The following details will inform you about the role of resume, mind for getting the interview call.

“Resume is defined as the detailed information about the qualification, stuff personal and professional expertise, viagra and professional job experience of the job applicant, to be submitted along with the job application form”.

 Resume Details

In the present competitive world, it is the desire of every job seeker to get the satisfying job with better position. The search of the job is not limited to the students, who have completed their college or post graduate degrees but even the experienced personnel, keep on searching for better opportunities for the betterment of the life. In course of the job search, the applicant aspiring for the job submits his/her informative text as per his education and capability, to the organization offering the job. This text also shows his desire of specific post relevant to his professional experience and expertise.

Due, to such importance of Resume, for the job search, the formulation of the resume should be done with proper care and in professional style. Even highly qualified job applicant may not get the interview call due to poorly written resume. His profile details submitted to the organization gets lost in the maze of numerous other resumes and fails to attract the attention of the employer. These reasons make it necessary that the resume should be in good format, professionally articulated with informative information to impress the hiring manager.

The good format of resume should contain following points:

Name, Address, Contact Number & Email Address

  1. Objective
  2. Professional Summary
  3. Professional Expertise
  4. Working Experience – Past and Present with the name of organizations, position held and duration of working period.
  5. Education – School, College, Post Graduation and Specialized Professional Course, with the name of the educational Institute, certificate award year and curriculum of courses attended.

Any ranking or accolades conferred as best performer during the academic years.

Additional & Technical Skills – Inborn or inherent qualities. Proficient in technical skills, like computer or software operation.

The fresher, who are applying for the job may not have proper working experience, which makes it necessary, that they should highlight their education background, professionalized course and extra curricular activities.

With such professionally written resume, the job seeker can hope to draw the attention of the employer for his application.


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Tips for Writing Your Resume Sat, 08 Jan 2011 07:07:13 +0000 Are you planning to apply for a job? Then you should prepare your resume professionally to get short listed and receive interview call.

The present day economic slowdown has affected people globally. They are finding it difficulty in sustaining their daily expenses. Unemployment scare, prescription job and salary cut is rampant everywhere. In such scenario, cialis for any new job opening, pharm there is hundreds of job seeker, applying for the posted job. If your resume is professionally made with personal and professional details, it can draw the attention of the employer; otherwise, you can forget about the employment, you will not even receive the interview call.

Well articulated resume with informative information is necessary for any job application. The following Tips for Writing Your Resume, will help you to make your resume professionally for job application:

You should get a plain sheet of Ivory paper.

  • Arm with all informative information and skills you possess, to include in your resume.
  • Your resume should contain key words to draw the attention of the employer quickly.

You can now formulate your resume in the following order:

Contact Details

Under this sub heading, you can write your full name in large fonts, followed by residential address, contact number and Email address.

Career Objective

You can write about your career aspiration and goal, which you deserve from your past and present experience.

Professional Summary

In this section you can show your professional expertise and achievements, accrued from working in other organizations. You can also show how your working has benefited the previous organization.

Any accolades conferred on you as best performer, during your working with any specific organization, can be inserted in this section.

Professional Experience

Under this heading, you can write the name of the set ups, where you have worked previously. The duration of working and job designation, should also be furnished in this part.


  • Any employer would be interested in your academic record, so write the name of High School, College, Post Graduation courses along with the degree or certificate award time and curriculum of your studies.

If you have done any further specialization course, then you can mention the details of such courses in this section.

Any award or certificate bestowed on you, can be written here.

Additional Skills

  • Under this sub heading you can show your natural qualities like excellent communication, interpersonal, typing skills etc.

Technical Skills

  • You can also mention your Technical skills like good Computer Software knowledge, proficient in Microsoft Word Package and so on.


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