Sample Civil Engineer Resume

September 10, 2009 – Admin

Here we have given a sample resume for Civil Engineer for your preview. With the help of this resume you can draft your own resume if you are applying for the designation of Civil Engineer in any international school. We have used totally fictitious name and address in this sample resume to give you an idea on how you can draft a Civil Engineer resume. We really hope that this sample resume of Civil Engineer works well for you.

Andrew Hawk
Queen Street
Vilely, CA 72435
(135) 255-1545


  • To give my best performance as a Civil Engineer in reputed organization across the world.

Quality Summary

  • More than five years of experience in the field of Civil construction.
  • Applied created ideas to create engineering technologies with very low cost.
  • Developed the substitutes for the wood and steel to retrench the excessive cost and load.
  • Applied new ideas to accommodate maximum number of persons in the small place for the habitation.
  • Served to the State P.W.D. with constructing the government buildings.

Organizational Experience

H.K. Constructions Inc., NY, 20XX – Till date

  • Senior Civil Engineer
  • Studying and inspecting the project feasibility before executing them.
  • Inspecting the project sites to check their feasibility.
  • Not allowing the unauthorized contractors to take up any kind of government projects.
  • Publishing the contract bids for the project implementation.
  • Using the highly competitive technologies and laborers.
  • Preparing the project reports after observing the site and work.
  • Designing the site maps on the computer software before starting the work.

State P.W. Department, Colorado, 19XX – 20YY

  • P.W.D. Engineer.
  • Looked after the regular use of chlorine and filter water supply.
  • Conducted the water tests by collecting the samples from different areas of the state.
  • Made the water reserving dams to serve the requirements in the time of water shortage.
  • Maintained the water filtering machines and mixed the spinner in functional order.
  • Replaced the water pipes according to the requirements.
  • Made regular distribution of the water bills.

General Education

  • Masters of Water Engineering and Maintainability from LA University in 19YY.
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering from UCLA in 19XR.

Software Skills

  • Capability to operate different computer software.

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