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September 10, 2009 – Admin

Here we have given a sample resume for Health Inspector for your preview. With the help of this resume you can draft your own resume if you are applying for the designation of Health Inspector in any international school. We have used totally fictitious name and address in this sample resume to give you an idea on how you can draft a Health Inspector resume. We really hope that this sample resume of Health Inspector works well for you.

Keith Benjamin
Yellow Street
Stevens, PH-72435
(462) 734-7524


  • To give my best performance as a Health Inspector in a world-class organization.

Quality Summary

  • More than five years of experience in the field of Environment Effects.
  • Capability to detect the gravity of the infectious disease.
  • Expertise in finding the hygienic solutions for the problems.
  • Pleasing personality and social nature.
  • Providing tips to people on how to avoid diseases with using the domestic products.

Professional Experience

Municipality Health, Boston, 20YY – Till date

  • Municipal Health Inspector.
  • Arranging for the pure water for the public.
  • Conducting regular health check up in the city.
  • Collecting saliva, blood and urine samples from the suspected areas.
  • Propagating the measure of precautions in the public.
  • Arranging for the house hold as well as industrial disposal.
  • Installing the machines to destroy mosquitoes.
  • Collecting the water samples on monthly basis to check the purity.

Town Health Planning Commission, Chicago, 19XX – 20YY

  • Public Health Officer.
  • Looked for the patients who are seriously ill in the city and providing full medical aid to them.
  • Looked after the supplying required medications in the general hospitals.
  • Distributed the health kits in all the parts of city to make sure the immunity of people.
  • Attended the patients of AIDS and suggested them to the private hospitals for the best facilities.
  • Looked after the medical doctors to distribute the load between them.

Educational Qualification

  • Bachelor of Medical Sciences in 19YY from Boston.
  • Certification course in Public Health from LA University in 19XR.

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