Free Resume Tips

Below are some technical and professional free resume writing tips

  1. Use the headings or titles that match with the job profile you are applying for.
  2. Use resume designs that can have attention.
  3. Please read job advertisement very carefully and identify some important keywords used in the advertisement. Use these keywords in your resume.
  4. Identify the hidden needs given in the advertisement. Try to solve those hidden needs in your resume.
  5. Create your unique image that matches with the salary you are looking for. For example, language used for $5/hour expectation is very much different than the language used for $15/hour expectation.
  6. You can generate more interviews by squeezing your resume and cover letter foe that resume so that it addresses the desired skills each employee requests.
  7. First of all, list out your technical knowledge in an organized manner. Your technical strengths should look clearly at the starting of your resume.
  8. According to the relevance, list out your qualification from most to least. Please list your technical qualifications and degrees if they are really relevant to the job that you are applying. If you've already done what the new job requirement is, please list it first, even if it is not your recent job. Please abandon any strict adherence to chronological order of the experience.
  9. Please qualify your experience whenever it is required. Show numerical figures like monetary funds/budgets saved, efficiency/time period improved, lines of code debugged/written, number of machines fixed/administrated etc. that can demonstrate the progress to your work.
  10. Try to start the sentences with the action verbs. Try to portray yourself as a person who is motivated and active, who uses his/her brain and get things done. Try to stick with the past tense, even for the descriptions of currently held positions. This will avoid the confusions.
  11. Please don't make it short. Your experiences are worth giving a review by hiring authorities. Treat your resume as an advertisement for yourself.
  12. Write your resume in brief. Try to avoid lengthy descriptions of the past projects of which you were just a part.
  13. Try to avoid the use of articles like (the, an, a) and never use word I or other such pronouns to point yourself.
  14. Give your resume to your trusty friend for review.
  15. Don't forget to proofread your resume. It should not go with the grammatical mistakes and other errors or such weakness like inconsistent capitalization.
  16. Sometimes, you can hide your age. Let's say, if your age is more than 45 or 55, there is no need to show your entire work experience. You can simply show your last 10 to 15 years of experience that is relevant for the job.
  17. The biggest question is that what if you have never done real paid jobs? Give credit to yourself credit and create a fair-job title yourself. For example, Cleaning & Hauling (Self-employed), Household repairman or self-employed.
  18. The best way to impress the employers is to fill the resume with PAR statements. PAR stands for Problem-Action-Results. In other words, first tell the problem faced in the workplace and then describe what was the action taken by you and finally point out the advantageous results of that action.
  19. About 8 to 15 years of experience is more than enough, unless your important work experience is from farther back.
  20. Let us also consider the case of students who wants to list out their summer jobs. They can list out very neatly as "Spring 2000" or "Summer 2000" rather than 6/2000 or 10/2000.
  21. Keep the headings and names in the font size of 14 to 16 in resume. Keep content information in font size of 10 to 12, depending on the style of font chosen.

How to Write a Resume?

Resume Writing is a very important task. People always get confused about resume writing. People really don't know how to write a resume. Writing a high quality resume does not mean to write it with following rules you hear from others. Writing a resume does not mean to write it in one page or to follow specific resume format. Resume is nothing but kind of marketing communication. It should be according to your situation and should actually indicate your skills. To know more about writing resume, please visit Resume Writing and Resume Tips page.

Writing a Resume

Writing a resume is not a simple task. It is easy only in saying but tough in doing. At the time of writing resume, you have to keep many things in my mind like what should be the format while writing a resume? How to frame the perfect object that can suite with new job description? You have to create a resume that actually gives you results.

What is a Resume?

Resume is nothing but a self promotional document that presents you as a quality skilled professional with the best possible light, for the purpose of getting invited to job interview. You should keep in mind that it is not a personal document or not a job application. Also take a note that it is not a confessional statement.

What Should be Content Resume?

Resume is not about past jobs. It is about yourself. How you performed and completed the past jobs, especially those accomplishments that are relevant for your next job opportunity. A good resume can easily give an impression that how you might perform in desired future job.

Why Resume is so Important?

The Resume is the first meeting between you and potential employer. As you know, first impression is last impression, so your resume must give a good image to the employer. How do you want to be remembered, always depends on your resume. It will depend on whether your resume is wrinkled and unorganized or neat and structured. Your resume should not be boring and long. It should be interesting and precise.

Main principle or writing resume

Your resume is a tool with the precise principle: to win an interview and to get a job. A resume is nothing more or less than an advertisement that you want a job. A resume don't just tell them what you have done in the past but also makes a same impression as good advertisements can do.

Please don't think that your resume is a history about your past, as some sort of self expression or personal statement.

Focus on the Job Requirement, not yours

Please keep one thing in mind that employer is not interested in your need but interested in company's need. Ask yourself a question that what would make you as a perfect candidate for this job. What does the employer really looking for? What special ability the candidate should have? What would set a person truly exceptional candidate rather than a merely good one?

Two section of Great Resume

The great resume can have two sections. In the first session, you can make assertions about the qualities, achievement and abilities. You can write powerful but let it be honest, advertising copy that makes the reader immediately realize and perk up that you are a special candidate.

The second section is an evidence section is where you can back up your assertions with the proofs that you actually have did what you are saying. This is where you can describe your education and your past job experiences.

Objective of writing Resume

Your resume should point toward conveying that why you are the best candidate for the specific job title. Good advertises always directs towards a specific objective.

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