Health Nursing Resume

Nursing can be termed as a noble profession where trained females are supposed to offer their services to help the patients in convalescing from their ailments by monitoring their proper medication, dressing their injuries and dispensing injections and glucose drips. Being affectionate and caring while treating any patient is an obligatory trait of this profession, which every nurse should possess. Nursing is however a little discrete to certain points in terms of the immense liabilities such as performing preliminary checkups, conducting medical investigations and tests and prescribing medicines, that a qualified medical practitioner or officer would only carry out.

Various established profiles are associated in this line of work, for instance- Registered Staff Nurses, Operating Room Registered Nurse, Charge Nurses, Oncology Registered Nurse, Cardiac Care Unit Nurse, Clinical Nurse, Coronary Care Unit Nurse and Relief Charge Nurse. Before moving into the career of nursing, it is absolutely imperative for a job aspirant to evaluate her learning, individual potential and the utmost dedication required while nursing the physically incapable patients at the outset only. Several responsibilities are there which cannot be performed by any other medical staff other than a nurse owing to either lack of subsequent experience or the restriction of the particular training given to the nurses only.

Our experts will support and guide you in creating your resume so perfectly that your selection for the appropriate designation will be hundred percent ensured once you have been short-listed. At the time of recruitments held in hospitals or medical boards your resume plays the key character in your way to make your path towards there.

What is the right way to pen down Nursing Resume?

You would always be required to furnish yourself with all information related to your general academic background and professional/technical degrees that you must have acquired from some university/institution.  Try to reveal your bona fide personality instead of aggrandizing your persona or even keeping the real you under wraps. Try to be neutral and poised. Every statement you are making for yourself in your resume must support your epitome as an apt candidate for nursing career.

You should write your name, address and contact details in bold as the main heading on top of your resume. Following the contact details you must write your email address as a subheading.


You must write here something related to the designation you are looking for to get the hold into that organization. Whatever profile you are seeking will originate from the kind of expertise and skills you must have achieved from your prior employment with a hospital or medical organization.

Personal Synopsis:

This should be a subheading where you need to write about your individual competence to treat and cope with the patients expeditiously. In this area freshers are supposed to pay special attention, as due to lack of previous experience they are expected to disclose their adroitness as much as they can. They must point out their genuine effectiveness for this profile.

Apart from this you must not miss about any awards and accolades conferred upon you by your previous medical organization.

Academic Qualification:

Write about all your general education under this subtitle, starting from the latest education like Post Graduation or Graduation. Try to include the year of passing too.

Professional Qualification:

The candidate must have attained some or the other professional training course of nursing to outshine in this particular field. The name of the institution from where you have passed this course and the passing year must be penned down under this subheading.

Professional Experience:

This subheading must be given top priority by experienced candidates. Here if they have already worked with one of the renowned health organizations or hospital on the same designation, then they should convey all the related information about their relevant duties and responsibilities performed there that matches also with the current job profile they are applying for.

You should initiate from your latest job and proceed further citing other experiences in reverse order. You must not miss on any of your previous jobs stating each and everything.

Auxiliary Skills:

This is another very critical section for inexperienced candidates. Here by revealing their peculiarities in the particular qualification they can excel their chances to get a positive approval of their future employer.

Technical Knowledge:

In this segment you are supposed to divulge all your relative knowledge about computers. The emphasize here should be more upon software skills.

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