In any health care entity, a Certified Nursing Assistant’s role is as important as any other. ┬áCNAs take on their shoulders the direct patient care whilse assisting the doctors and the physicians. To get the certificate and a job of licensed nursing assistant, you should first take up a course that brushes up your skills that are required while you are working. After the completion of this training , you should take up and pass the exam that assures you a certificate. To give the feel of the test and the aspects related to it, we have a brief guidelines for you that will be helpful.
The certification has two parts basically. First part involves the written examination and the second part carries a performance examination. In the written examination the skills and the responsibilities of the CNA is tested. Questions may ask the best way to accomplish certain tasks and the questions related to the work ethics can be asked. In the second part which is a performance exam, the basic 25 skills of a CNA are tested. Minimum five skills are covered in the performance exam. You should be profcient in the skills like washing hands before and after the patient contact or any medical action taken, taking and measuring the vital signs like blood pressure, temperature, pulse , urine outlow, etc. You also should maintain the dignity of the patient while dressing, while communicating with them also you should take a personal protection by using gloves or masks, whatever is required.

If you fail in any of these two tests, there is an option for you to attempt the test in which you failed, for thrice.after finishing and passing both the test you will get a certification issued by the state board that will be a valid proof that you are a certified nursing assistant and can work in that particular state.
Every state has a particular set of rules and terms to get the licensure from. It is highly recommended to first fulfil all those requirements of the state board you belong to. There are instances where a CNA moves to some other state after getting the certification or while doing the job. In that case a responsible CNA should get the license transferred and renewed timely. This ensures a goodwill and justifies your responsibility as a CNA.
Planning to be a certified nursing assistant and to get the certificate and licensure is a commendable and respectful endeavor. With the special skills , these aides are an unseperable part of our health care system. So be proud and feel contented to choose this career.

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