Emergency Medical Technician Resume Sample

An EMT or Paramedic is an emergency medical technician who is trained and certified or licensed to provide emergency treatments to patients or victims in uncommon emergency situations. They also transfer the patients to hospitals for proper medical assistance.

In order to become an EMT and earn EMT certification or license, ask the students or volunteers will have to pass different levels of training programs. The most popular programs for becoming an emergency medical technician include Basic Level, cialis Intermediate Level, see Advanced Level or Paramedics. The candidates earn certificates once they complete didactic instruction, clinical training, lab training, and internship for different training levels. The certificates are awarded according to the training level they have completed. The certification also allows an EMT to seek jobs in different fields such as hospitals, land ambulance, air ambulance, fire departments, police departments and others.

The employment prospects for EMTs and Paramedics are encouraging, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, EMT jobs are slated to grow by 23 per cent between 2012 and 2022. The BLS report further reports that median annual wage of EMTs/Paramedics was around $31,000 in 2012. Few more qualified and experienced emergency medical technicians even earned more than $54,000 annually.

However, earning an EMT certification is not enough to get jobs because you will have to complete certain requirements before you are short listed or selected for the posted EMT job. The most important task before applying for any Paramedic job is to prepare a resume that can inform the hiring manager about the candidate, his qualification, training, work prowess, and experience.

It is also necessary to remember that a well articulated resume, written in a professional style plays a pivotal role in short listing the candidate or interview call for the posted EMT job.

Individuals and volunteers applying for the Emergency technician job can prepare their resume in the following order and provide required information under different subheadings:

EMT Technician Resume Template


Under this heading, you can write your future goal and what you aim to achieve as an EMT.

Professional Summary

This subheading shows what EMT skills you have earned through the years working in emergency technician field. This field also highlights your achievement in the emergency medical field. If you are a fresher, you can show skills you have earned during your training programs, internship or as a volunteer.


If you have any work experience in emergency medical field, you can show all your past and present experience. You should write the work details with date, name, and place of the organization, but if you are a volunteer, you can show emergency medical services provided by you.


This field shows your high school, post secondary, and college education. Under this sub heading, you can also write about your EMT training program, and internship. The details must be accompanied with the name of schools, colleges and training institutes with dates and place.


If you have earned any level EMT certification after completing your training program, you can show it here.


This field highlights awards and accolades conferred on you for your emergency medical services.

Extra Skills

If you have any other expertise that can be a plus point to your EMT skills, you can provide details about these skills here.

If you articulate your resume in the given format, you can surely impress the hiring manager and can look forward for the interview call from the organization or the hiring manager. You can even found you are short listed for the job.

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