Write an Impressive RN Resume to Get Short Listed for the Job

Resume writing is a skill, sales and well articulated professionally written resume can shortlist and help you bag the posted Registered Nurse Job. You must also understand that resume is also a mirror of you, see your objective, remedy education, professional work experience, and skills. Even, your salary and job position are decided by the details provided by you in your RN Resume.

These days, jobs in any sector have become scarce, and for any job, there are hundreds of applications and resumes with cover letters. Although, health care field is offering abundant employment opportunities to entry-level to advance level nurses, getting recruitment for the posted job has become extremely difficult. The non-availability of jobs in other sectors has also crowded this sector and diverted fresher and experienced professionals and job seekers from other areas to this sector. The mad employment rush has also started stiff competition among the job seekers and applicants for bagging vacant nursing positions.

In such scenario, where picking an employment has becoming an uphill task, your RN Resume can play a crucial role in shortlisting you for the applied position and highlighting your skills and experience. Your resume also makes a difference in the eyes of facility owners by showing you different, professionally more capable, and better from other applicants. In addition, a powerful and impressive resume also leaves an impression on hiring managers, compelling them to shortlist and call you for an interview.

Therefore, while searching an RN job, your first preference during job search should be writing an impressive resume that can create the interest of the owner on you. Your resume must be divided into different parts, and each segment must highlight your professional employment history, starting from your career objective and contact details to education, professional summary, experience, certification, achievements, and qualities. You must also research and find out about the job and skill requirements. Once you obtain these details, you can prepare your resume giving priority to these materials. However, you must remember that your nursing resume must be short and precise, and provide only necessary information by avoiding unnecessary details.

When you start writing your resume, the format and segment of your RN Resume must start with, and include:


This section shows your career goal, what you wish to achieve in the nursing field, and the position you are seeking for the employment.

Contact details:

This section highlights your name and address, telephone no., and email address. These details are necessary for any correspondence and convey of information from the organization to you.

Professional summary

Under this subheading, you can write skills and knowledge gained by you through long year’s association in the nursing field and health care jobs. In this section, you can also show jobs positions held by you in the course of your various employments, and promotions offered to you for your competencies and skills. However, if you are a fresh graduate, you can write skills and knowledge earned during your nursing training period.


This subheading is also another crucial area that requires your particular attention because any facility owner and hiring manager will first try to find your RN work experience, and this field can show them your job experience of many years. When you show your experience details, you can write the name of the facility where you worked, work date and year, position, and job description. If you are a fresher, you can write about your clinical hands-on experience during your RN training period and internship.


This field shows your complete academic and nursing education history, starting from high school to nursing training and certification. You can provide the name of your high school and training college with date and educational stream. If you have done any additional nursing courses, specialization or masters, you can provide these details here.

Achievements and Certification

This section shows your nursing certifications and awards conferred upon you during your academic and nursing training period. If you have earned any accolades or certificates for your career achievement or volunteering services, you can also show these details under this subheading.

Additional qualities

This field shows your additional skills and qualities that are necessary for a successful registered nurse. If you have administrative skills, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, observation and quick reasoning power, and if you are humble, active, energetic, right values and behaviours patience and discipline, you can write these qualities under this section.

Cover Letter

You must also remember that the Cover Letter you submit with your resume also plays a vital role in showing your professional nursing skills and job description in a short form. You should write your cover letter professionally to make it impressive because the hiring manager will try to know about you, your skills and job suitability through your cover letter, and if he is satisfied with his findings, he can shortlist your resume over others.

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