Teacher Resume Sample – High School

Home Economics High School Teacher Resume

Home Economics High School Teacher Resume should highlight his/her experience in:
•    Home Economics, no rx
•    Student and Child development, hospital
•    Education Administration
•    Program Development
•    Project Management
•    Student Organizational Planning

Home Economics School Teacher Resume Sample

Lisa Robert
1024, West 69 Street
Carlisle MA 01741
(136) – 487 3217
Email: lisa.robert@yahoo.co.in


•    Demonstrate track record of motivation and development in student learning process.
•    Capable to understand, needs of the students and foster excellent relations with the students
•    Managed and organized outside school activities for knowledge growth of the student

Master of Arts Degree in Education Administration, University of Texas, Texas 1995
Bachelor of Science Degree from St. John’s College, Utah, 1992

Seminars & Certificates
Guest Speaker for Child Development Program, Illinois, 1993
Founder Member, Literacy Drive Workshop, Texas, 1997

Professional Experience
Home Economic Teacher
St. Joseph’s High School, Texas – 2001 to present

Instructing, child development, nutrition and foods, human resource management, personality development to class 7-10 students
•    Establish, special tie up with Loreto College in Business Management and Hospitality for added career development of the students.
•    Introduced separate department for Student and Child development and enroll 35 students.
•    Recruited by St. George College, Texas, for Child Development Program.

Home Economic Teacher
St. Edmunds College, Illinois 1995 -2001

Taught, child and student development, foods and nutrition, personality development, cloths and textiles to grades 5- 8

•    Participated actively on State sponsored Child Development Program
•    Established, Child Welfare Centre in Illinois
•    Represented school for County Literacy Drive Program

Visiting Faculty Member
St. James College, Texas, 2002- 2006
Harry Foundation of Child Development Learning Centre, Illinois, 1997-2001

Certificate and Accolades
Honorary Member, Food & Nutrients Research Project, Illinois, 2000
Founder Member, Child Development Program, Illinois, 1998
State Appreciation Award for Child Literacy Drive, Illinois, 1997

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