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In the present day, prescription getting jobs are not easier. For every job openings, and there are multiple numbers of applicants. Sometimes the hiring managers do not even call you up for the interviews due to various reasons. What are the causes for such actions of these hiring mangers for not calling you up for the interviews? The main factor, advice which makes them overlook your candidacy, is the presentation of poor format of your resume to them. They do not find your profile details interesting or informative, to call you up for the interview.

This makes it necessary that the resume you submit for the job application, should be very informative and written in good format. If you are not able to prepare your resume professionally then your details would be lost among the maze of other applicant’s CVs.

The writing of resume is an art in itself. Your details are mirror of you. They tell about your education, interests, activities, achievements and experiences. Putting all profile details in jumbled way on the resume is also not beneficial for your resume preparation. It is necessary to remember that the hiring manager has to scrutinize numerous number of applicants profiles in a short period of time. They are very busy persons and do not have enough time to spend much of their valuable time in searching for the information required by them in your resume.

Your profile should give the needed details quickly to the company or educational institute managements. All these reasons make it essential that, you prepare your resume in a professional way with proper key words and active verbs. If you take special care while making of your resume, then you can hope to get the interview call otherwise forgets about the job, you will not even get the call for the interview.

There are various types of job seekers hunting for jobs in different fields like education, sales and marketing, clerical, engineering, executives, managerial etc. They all need a professionally written resume for their job application. For example, you are a teacher and planning to apply for the job in an educational institute, then how do you prepare education resume, which can boost your possibility of getting the job or interview call? The following resume format and details, put in methodically in your resume, will surely help you to write education resume professionally.

Education Resume

 The resume of the teacher is your brief written profile which presents you as a good teacher to the hiring managers. The important point to remember is, your experience or proficiency in particular subjects are more important to the reader of your resume.

You are a beginner then your details should not be longer than necessary and one page is enough to describe you. But if you have experience of plus one year than you can opt for longer resume.

The following details are essential for your education resume.

Contact Details:
Name – Full name
Address – Temporary, Present and Permanent address
Telephone – Cell and phone numbers

 Education Information:

Institute name with dates, months and year for education degree or certificate award.

The information about any post graduation, degree or specialized course details should also be mentioned with year and name of the institute.

 Teaching Experience:

The use of key word and active verb are necessary when you describe of your experience in classroom teaching. The interviewer would be more interested with your ways and skills of teaching, classroom management that includes managing students, innovative ways you have introduced for your teaching, liaison with parents and understanding the special needs of the students.

You should also mention your proficiency in the subjects, you are supposed to teach. You should also provide the detail of the job title along with the dates of your past or present teaching profile.

 Other Experiences:

You can inform on your resume, the knowledge or other related experiences, you have gained during the course of your teaching in the past or present job.

Further details, which you can insert in your education resume and might interest to the hiring personnel or the principal, are as follows:

  • Proficiency in the particular subject
  • Career objective – This section should show your career goal or type of job profile you are interested in including your capabilities like seeking challenging designation etc.
  • Award of any honorary degree or certificates like Phi Delta Kappa, Dean’s list etc. Any scholarship or achievements should also be mentioned in your profile details.
  • Information about any professionally related seminars or development courses, you have attended can also be added in your education resume.
  • Mentioning of membership of any organization, association or taking part in any social activities including the position held also can make your profile impressive in the eye of the principal or hiring manager.
  • You can also write down your quality as teacher, your successful contribution to the events, programs of the past and present institutions and so on. Such details will show your abilities and responsibility bearing capacity.

Keeping above details in mind, you can prepare your education resume, which can offer you greater chance for interview call and short listing for employment.


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