Occupational Therapist Resume Sample

Occupational Therapists are proficient in helping infants, children, adults, and elders develop work skills for performing their everyday activities independently in the environment they live. They assess client’s physical, cognitive, communication, and interaction skills before developing and planning treatment and care programs. They assist and coordinate with care givers, families, and clients for best treatment outcome. Below given, Sample Resume of Occupational Therapist will help you make your own resume for the OT post:

Sally Smith

11, Main Street,

West Jefferson Boulevard,
Los Angeles, CA 90094


Career Objective

A result oriented and qualified Occupation Therapist with 4 years experience in developing plans and program for assisting clients in improving their skills and performing their activities independently in their environment.


  • Promoting health and well-being
  • Expertise in working with a multi-disciplinary team consisting of caregivers, peers, families, and clients.
  • Proficient in gathering, analyzing information.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Skills for building trusting relationship, engaging and motivating clients.
  • Possess assessment and intervention skills.
  • Proficient in managing and maintaining records for client interventions and outcome.

Professional Experience

August 2014 – Present,

Mary Pediatric Development Centre,

San Jose, CA 95158


  • Assist and teach infants and children with challenges in attention, learning, coordination, language problem, and independence skills.
  • Serve infants and children with Sensory Integration and auditory processing disorders, Developmental Delay, Dyspraxia, and high functioning Aspergers.
  • Assess reports of interventions and outcome.
  • Develop and evaluate daily care plans.
  • Specify recommendation, coordinate and assist care providers, families, and patients.
  • Work with the multi-disciplinary team for the best patient outcome.

August 2012 – July 2014
Centre for Learning and Development

Campbell, CA 95008


  • Develop early learning programs for children
  • Assisted children in quality learning and development
  • Screened and assessed intervention needs for children.
  • Provided physical, social, cognitive, and emotional support for children and families.
  • Helped in parental involvement in improving early quality care and children success.
  • Helped children in improving interaction and communication skills.
  • Helped children’ improve self-esteem and confidence
  • Assess the needs of children and maximize their learning
  • Developed care plan and exercise programs to treat reading disorders and neurobiological roots of dyslexia.
  • Helped children engage socially with their peers.
  • Set camps for children’s social interaction, fun, skill building, learning new things and engaging with others.


Masters of Occupational Therapy

Dominican University of California
School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions
50 Acacia Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901
Graduated: 2012

Write an Impressive RN Resume to Get Short Listed for the Job

Resume writing is a skill, sales and well articulated professionally written resume can shortlist and help you bag the posted Registered Nurse Job. You must also understand that resume is also a mirror of you, see your objective, remedy education, professional work experience, and skills. Even, your salary and job position are decided by the details provided by you in your RN Resume.

These days, jobs in any sector have become scarce, and for any job, there are hundreds of applications and resumes with cover letters. Although, health care field is offering abundant employment opportunities to entry-level to advance level nurses, getting recruitment for the posted job has become extremely difficult. The non-availability of jobs in other sectors has also crowded this sector and diverted fresher and experienced professionals and job seekers from other areas to this sector. The mad employment rush has also started stiff competition among the job seekers and applicants for bagging vacant nursing positions.

In such scenario, where picking an employment has becoming an uphill task, your RN Resume can play a crucial role in shortlisting you for the applied position and highlighting your skills and experience. Your resume also makes a difference in the eyes of facility owners by showing you different, professionally more capable, and better from other applicants. In addition, a powerful and impressive resume also leaves an impression on hiring managers, compelling them to shortlist and call you for an interview.

Therefore, while searching an RN job, your first preference during job search should be writing an impressive resume that can create the interest of the owner on you. Your resume must be divided into different parts, and each segment must highlight your professional employment history, starting from your career objective and contact details to education, professional summary, experience, certification, achievements, and qualities. You must also research and find out about the job and skill requirements. Once you obtain these details, you can prepare your resume giving priority to these materials. However, you must remember that your nursing resume must be short and precise, and provide only necessary information by avoiding unnecessary details.

When you start writing your resume, the format and segment of your RN Resume must start with, and include:


This section shows your career goal, what you wish to achieve in the nursing field, and the position you are seeking for the employment.

Contact details:

This section highlights your name and address, telephone no., and email address. These details are necessary for any correspondence and convey of information from the organization to you.

Professional summary

Under this subheading, you can write skills and knowledge gained by you through long year’s association in the nursing field and health care jobs. In this section, you can also show jobs positions held by you in the course of your various employments, and promotions offered to you for your competencies and skills. However, if you are a fresh graduate, you can write skills and knowledge earned during your nursing training period.


This subheading is also another crucial area that requires your particular attention because any facility owner and hiring manager will first try to find your RN work experience, and this field can show them your job experience of many years. When you show your experience details, you can write the name of the facility where you worked, work date and year, position, and job description. If you are a fresher, you can write about your clinical hands-on experience during your RN training period and internship.


This field shows your complete academic and nursing education history, starting from high school to nursing training and certification. You can provide the name of your high school and training college with date and educational stream. If you have done any additional nursing courses, specialization or masters, you can provide these details here.

Achievements and Certification

This section shows your nursing certifications and awards conferred upon you during your academic and nursing training period. If you have earned any accolades or certificates for your career achievement or volunteering services, you can also show these details under this subheading.

Additional qualities

This field shows your additional skills and qualities that are necessary for a successful registered nurse. If you have administrative skills, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, observation and quick reasoning power, and if you are humble, active, energetic, right values and behaviours patience and discipline, you can write these qualities under this section.

Cover Letter

You must also remember that the Cover Letter you submit with your resume also plays a vital role in showing your professional nursing skills and job description in a short form. You should write your cover letter professionally to make it impressive because the hiring manager will try to know about you, your skills and job suitability through your cover letter, and if he is satisfied with his findings, he can shortlist your resume over others.

ODE Achievement Assessment Practice Test

In the state of Ohio, find students from Grade 3-8 are required to appear in the ODE Achievement Assessment Test for demonstrating their knowledge on subjects taught to them at the end of the term. Ohio Achievement Assessments (OAA) tests are developed as per the Ohio’s Academic Content Standards, viagra and assessment questions are especially developed for the Ohio students by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) in collaboration with the independent assessment contractor. The teachers, cheap school personnel, families, and community members also contribute with their inputs in developing the questions for the AA.

Further, the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) also demands all states to maintain and establish academic standard to assess grades 3–8 child’s knowledge on Maths and Reading and evaluate how far they are successful in meeting Academic Content Standards. The result of the OAA is also one of the ways to allocate additional resources to the lacking students, schools, and districts for further improvements. Moreover, the families and teachers also identify precise areas where the students lack and need further support and help in their progress.

 Although OAA is one of the important steps for promoting the child to the next grade, there are also other evaluation steps that are assessed by the teachers including classroom attendance and participation, and their performance in classroom works.

Grade – 3 students are required to evaluate their knowledge through Maths and Reading, but higher grade students needs to prove their competency through Science, Social Studies, and Writing along with Maths and reading. According to Ohio law, Grade-3 students need to sit for the Reading Assessment twice a year.

The Ohio Department of Education have also provided additional resources to guide students to find out what they can expect in the test. ODE Practice Test is especially developed to assist Grade 3 – 8 students in understanding the testing process and test questions, and evaluating their knowledge and competency in answering AA test questions. The ODE Practice Tests are half-length test in reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, and science. The ODE offer Sample tests in PDF version and large print versions, sample test administration manuals, and answer documents.

The Practice Tests are developed for both students and teachers. The test for the students informs score level and possible points, what is expected from the students by the end of each grade, multiple-choice questions, and actual test questions for understanding the questions that are offered during the Assessment test.

The Sample Tests for teachers guide them to actual AA questions that can be used to prepare students for the Ohio Achievement Assessments. The teachers can also develop online practice tests and print them for the students, provide scores for the response questions, and get the actual report on the performance level of the students appearing in the Practice Test.

Emergency Medical Technician Resume Sample

An EMT or Paramedic is an emergency medical technician who is trained and certified or licensed to provide emergency treatments to patients or victims in uncommon emergency situations. They also transfer the patients to hospitals for proper medical assistance.

In order to become an EMT and earn EMT certification or license, ask the students or volunteers will have to pass different levels of training programs. The most popular programs for becoming an emergency medical technician include Basic Level, cialis Intermediate Level, see Advanced Level or Paramedics. The candidates earn certificates once they complete didactic instruction, clinical training, lab training, and internship for different training levels. The certificates are awarded according to the training level they have completed. The certification also allows an EMT to seek jobs in different fields such as hospitals, land ambulance, air ambulance, fire departments, police departments and others.

The employment prospects for EMTs and Paramedics are encouraging, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, EMT jobs are slated to grow by 23 per cent between 2012 and 2022. The BLS report further reports that median annual wage of EMTs/Paramedics was around $31,000 in 2012. Few more qualified and experienced emergency medical technicians even earned more than $54,000 annually.

However, earning an EMT certification is not enough to get jobs because you will have to complete certain requirements before you are short listed or selected for the posted EMT job. The most important task before applying for any Paramedic job is to prepare a resume that can inform the hiring manager about the candidate, his qualification, training, work prowess, and experience.

It is also necessary to remember that a well articulated resume, written in a professional style plays a pivotal role in short listing the candidate or interview call for the posted EMT job.

Individuals and volunteers applying for the Emergency technician job can prepare their resume in the following order and provide required information under different subheadings:

EMT Technician Resume Template


Under this heading, you can write your future goal and what you aim to achieve as an EMT.

Professional Summary

This subheading shows what EMT skills you have earned through the years working in emergency technician field. This field also highlights your achievement in the emergency medical field. If you are a fresher, you can show skills you have earned during your training programs, internship or as a volunteer.


If you have any work experience in emergency medical field, you can show all your past and present experience. You should write the work details with date, name, and place of the organization, but if you are a volunteer, you can show emergency medical services provided by you.


This field shows your high school, post secondary, and college education. Under this sub heading, you can also write about your EMT training program, and internship. The details must be accompanied with the name of schools, colleges and training institutes with dates and place.


If you have earned any level EMT certification after completing your training program, you can show it here.


This field highlights awards and accolades conferred on you for your emergency medical services.

Extra Skills

If you have any other expertise that can be a plus point to your EMT skills, you can provide details about these skills here.

If you articulate your resume in the given format, you can surely impress the hiring manager and can look forward for the interview call from the organization or the hiring manager. You can even found you are short listed for the job.

Branch Manager Resume Sample

The function of branch manager is life and blood, ailment to the success of the organization. The complete operation, salve coordination, there inventory controls and so on, are the responsibility of the manager, looking after the branch office. Hence, the resume should be of made keeping in mind, the responsibility and efficiency needed for the job. Below given, Sample Resume of Branch Manager will help you make your own resume for the managerial post:

Garry Ford
Bob John Street
Houston, Texas
(315) 535-5325


To executive duties of branch manager, efficiently and with the responsibility to the satisfaction of world class company.


• 8 years experience in managerial post
• Responsibility bearing capacity in managerial works

General Education

• Master of Arts from Texas University in 19—
• Bachelor of Commerce from Illinois University in 19—

Professional Education

• Master of Business Administration from Texas University in 19—
• Diploma in Computer Application from XX College in 19

Software Skills

• Efficient in MS word, MS Office, MS Power Point and Internet programmes
• Software Programming


Bank of America, WD, 2/2001 – Present

Assistant Manager

• Assistant manager
• Looking after the entire set up efficiently and keeping strict eye on the day to day happening over the functions related to financial services and administration.
• Assigning of the jobs to staff daily
• Formulated rules, norms and duties for the whole staff
• Put vigilance and ensured efficient service of staff members to customers by monitoring their work through close circuit cameras.
• Achieved 100% attendance of the employees
• Located security personnel at the desired location of the bank
• Improved, the operations toward customers, for their opening of various accounts at the bank

Vodaphone, Texas 2/1997 – 3/2000

Sales Manager

• Sales Manager
• Achieved sales target fixed by the company for the new customers
• Managed to distribute Post Paid and Pre Paid SIM cards to the buyers
• Handled and solved the grievances of the customers
• Educated customers about safety of their connections

Extra Skills

• Excellent in writing and communication skills
• Fast Typing Speed
• Efficient in coordinating and adaptability
• Soft spoken and confident

MBA Resume Example – Marketing

MBA resume example of MBA strategic Marketing Executive, no rx having experience as Product marketing Manager.

His expertise includes:

  • Team Leadership
  • Financial Management
  • Strategic Marketing Analysis
  • New business development
  • Product development and Management

He has experience in various sectors like pharmaceutical, telecommunication and software.

Education preferred for such strategic marketing professional is MBA in marketing.

Product Marketing Manager Resume Example
Charleston Hemmingway
231, East 51 Street,
Baltimore 01817,
Home (315) 525- 5102

Email: charles.hemming@yahoo.com

Highly efficient, creative marketing professional armed with rich experience of 16 years in software, pharmaceutical, consumer products and telecommunication. Highly, efficient in the formulation and implementation of sales and marketing plans. Expert in client and customer relationship, building public relations and new business development. Demonstrate strong leadership skill and problem solving capabilities.

Expertise includes:

New Business Development / Client Relationship Development /

Public Relation / Financial Planning / Market and Industrial Analysis / Branding / Leadership Quality / Relationship Management / Product Development

Professional Experience

Lucas Health Care Inc., Texas, 2003 to present

Marketing Manager

Devised, develop and executed marketing operations in health care division. Articulated marketing strategies, created brand visibility, introduced innovative training schedules and plans, interacted with consumers and conducted market research for organizational business growth.

  • Started product promotions and saw to its inception.
  • Conducted market research, prepared financial report, and formulated marketing strategies, which generated $ 3.5 million in sales.
  • Enhanced sales figure to $ 5 million over the previous year sales figure of $2 million.
  • Organized national and regional trade and road shows for brand visibility and sales growth.
  • Liaison with media and advertising agencies for brand promotions.
  • Carried out active public relation for marketing promotions.

Global Technology, Pittsburg, 1999 to 2003

Marketing Manager,

Implemented 2 million budgets and led a team of 8 members in design and execution of Healthcare Plus software application marketing in Mid West Region. Formulated marketing and training plans and interacted with customers for marketing.

  •  Increased the annual revenue by $ 3.2 million.
  • Able to garner market share by 5%
  • Started creative websites for higher brand promotions.
  • Trained Healthcare Plus software users.

Rimmel Inc., London 1997 to 1999

Marketing Manager

Consumer Products sales and marketing for European Division

Introduced body care products e-marketing plans and saw for its successful implementation in the in Europe and South Africa. Distributed company products to retailers, distributors and consumers and started hectic advertisement campaign for brand promotion.

  • Increased customer base and generating additional sales growth by 65%.
  • Effectively carried out e-marketing negotiations throughout Europe and South Africa by formulating policies and guidelines.
  • Improved the quality of e-marketing by devising innovative ways.
  • Popularized the brand of the company extensively by making it household name in these regions.
  • Motivated and led a team of 15 members’ sales professionals.

Nippon Inc., New York

Sport Marketing Manager 1994 to 1997

Carried out active survey on the easy walk shoes on common people and formulated policies for deep market penetrations. Devised “Walk-easy” campaign banner, which was implemented in State Games inauguration, which promoted health care message, ‘comfortable walking for good health’. Effective use of natural resources eliminated $2 million in plastic wastes.


Masters of Business Administration in Strategic Marketing, from Institute of Marketing & Strategic Science, Illinois, in 1994

Bachelor of Science from Lockheed Science College, Ohio, 1989

Certification and Awards

Honorary Member, Health Club, Illinois
Executive Member, Ohio Marketing Association
Awarded best Brand Management certificate from Rimmel Inc. in 1996

Technical Skills

  • Microsoft Word Package
  • Outlook & Internet Savvy

Education Resume

In the present day, prescription getting jobs are not easier. For every job openings, and there are multiple numbers of applicants. Sometimes the hiring managers do not even call you up for the interviews due to various reasons. What are the causes for such actions of these hiring mangers for not calling you up for the interviews? The main factor, advice which makes them overlook your candidacy, is the presentation of poor format of your resume to them. They do not find your profile details interesting or informative, to call you up for the interview.

This makes it necessary that the resume you submit for the job application, should be very informative and written in good format. If you are not able to prepare your resume professionally then your details would be lost among the maze of other applicant’s CVs.

The writing of resume is an art in itself. Your details are mirror of you. They tell about your education, interests, activities, achievements and experiences. Putting all profile details in jumbled way on the resume is also not beneficial for your resume preparation. It is necessary to remember that the hiring manager has to scrutinize numerous number of applicants profiles in a short period of time. They are very busy persons and do not have enough time to spend much of their valuable time in searching for the information required by them in your resume.

Your profile should give the needed details quickly to the company or educational institute managements. All these reasons make it essential that, you prepare your resume in a professional way with proper key words and active verbs. If you take special care while making of your resume, then you can hope to get the interview call otherwise forgets about the job, you will not even get the call for the interview.

There are various types of job seekers hunting for jobs in different fields like education, sales and marketing, clerical, engineering, executives, managerial etc. They all need a professionally written resume for their job application. For example, you are a teacher and planning to apply for the job in an educational institute, then how do you prepare education resume, which can boost your possibility of getting the job or interview call? The following resume format and details, put in methodically in your resume, will surely help you to write education resume professionally.

Education Resume

 The resume of the teacher is your brief written profile which presents you as a good teacher to the hiring managers. The important point to remember is, your experience or proficiency in particular subjects are more important to the reader of your resume.

You are a beginner then your details should not be longer than necessary and one page is enough to describe you. But if you have experience of plus one year than you can opt for longer resume.

The following details are essential for your education resume.

Contact Details:
Name – Full name
Address – Temporary, Present and Permanent address
Telephone – Cell and phone numbers

 Education Information:

Institute name with dates, months and year for education degree or certificate award.

The information about any post graduation, degree or specialized course details should also be mentioned with year and name of the institute.

 Teaching Experience:

The use of key word and active verb are necessary when you describe of your experience in classroom teaching. The interviewer would be more interested with your ways and skills of teaching, classroom management that includes managing students, innovative ways you have introduced for your teaching, liaison with parents and understanding the special needs of the students.

You should also mention your proficiency in the subjects, you are supposed to teach. You should also provide the detail of the job title along with the dates of your past or present teaching profile.

 Other Experiences:

You can inform on your resume, the knowledge or other related experiences, you have gained during the course of your teaching in the past or present job.

Further details, which you can insert in your education resume and might interest to the hiring personnel or the principal, are as follows:

  • Proficiency in the particular subject
  • Career objective – This section should show your career goal or type of job profile you are interested in including your capabilities like seeking challenging designation etc.
  • Award of any honorary degree or certificates like Phi Delta Kappa, Dean’s list etc. Any scholarship or achievements should also be mentioned in your profile details.
  • Information about any professionally related seminars or development courses, you have attended can also be added in your education resume.
  • Mentioning of membership of any organization, association or taking part in any social activities including the position held also can make your profile impressive in the eye of the principal or hiring manager.
  • You can also write down your quality as teacher, your successful contribution to the events, programs of the past and present institutions and so on. Such details will show your abilities and responsibility bearing capacity.

Keeping above details in mind, you can prepare your education resume, which can offer you greater chance for interview call and short listing for employment.


Education- Teacher Resume Examples

Resume writing is an art and professionally written resume helps the job applicant to get short listed for the offered job. Resume is the first contact between the potential employer and the job seeker. It is not a document which provides personal details, sovaldi but it explains about the professional background of the job applicant through which, pharm the hiring manager finds the informative information like skills, for sale work experience, position held, achievements, and knowledge about the organization or educational institutions where the person has worked previously.

These reasons make it necessary that resumes should be well articulated to provide professional experiences in a precise manner. If a resume is filled with unnecessary details then it becomes useless and monotonous to the reader. The employers are always busy persons and can not hope to waste their precious time reading over unnecessary details. They try to find relevant information needed for the job, in very short time, and a quick glance at the resume should offer desired information quickly.

Again, there are various types of resume formats which explains professional carrier of a job applicant in a different way. These formats can be functional, chronological reverse or mixed format. Different types of job also require diverse skills and resume should be prepared accordingly.

If job applicant is unaware of writing resumes in professional styles then there are resume writing experts, who are proficient in Resume Writing. They have rich experience in formulating professional details in most efficient manner. They know exactly what should be included and what must be omitted. A good resume always offers the chance of receiving interview call or short listing for the potential job. The following example will explain the informative information that is required for the resume of Education Teacher Resume:

 A proficient teacher must be able to demonstrate his capability to inspire the students to be successful learner. He should be well educated and knowledgeable to stimulate student thinking and boost their learning process. The instructor must be good orator and possess good communication skills. His classroom participation and motivation toward students to follow active classroom attendance will make a sense of discipline among the students. His frequent, question asking habits sharpen the educational skill of the student.

There is difference between a teacher who follows the daily routine of attending and teaching students and a teacher, who tries to sharpen the academic skill, social interaction, general knowledge, attitudes, behavior, learning and self esteem of the student.

Again different teacher job requires a different set of knowledge and skills. For example,  an English teacher should possess his proficiency in English language, grammar, word articulation and so on, whereas the PT or Game teacher should have skills in physical fitness, different exercise techniques etc. Hence the teacher applying for the particular post of a teacher should inform about his expertise on the specific subject, classroom management, teaching skill, boosting of student learning process and maintenance of classroom discipline in his resume.

Generally the resume of a teacher from K to class 12 should be one page resume document, but two pages resume are also acceptable. The resume should be precise and informative without unnecessary details. The basic requirement is the job applicant teacher’s specialization and objective for specific types of school, whether that is kindergarten, pre primary school, elementary, middle or high school. It might be for specific subject also like geography, history, arts or English.

The resume may contain complete summary in detail or bullet summary but it must be well articulated and informative.

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