Librarian Resume

The role of the Librarian can be compared to the role of human brain. As the brain maintains the activities of the human body, ailment the librarian handles all tasks of a library. Without librarian, here the library is no more than the stockpile of the books.
These reasons, treatment make it necessary that the person applying for the job of library, should have the operational knowledge of the library. He should know the function of the library like maintaining the records of the books issued and returned, arrange books and journals in orderly fashion in proper places, order new books and keep records of all books in the library.

The library owner or management of a private and public library, would like to find these operational functional qualities in the job seeker, seeking employment in the library. Hence, the resume of a Librarian should highlight his efficiency in managing the library. The following tips would guide him to make his Librarian Resume:

1. Any knowledge about the handling of technical library software or proficiency in computer operation should be highlighted in a Librarian Resume.
2. Contact Information like full name in large font, residential addresses, phone numbers and email address are essential for the employer, to contact the librarian.
3. Summary of skills and strengths gained through experience, like arrangement of the books and journals in proper places, maintenance of the records of all stored books, issued and returned books, implementation of reference search categories, arrangement of photo copies on demand and so on, should be focused while preparing the Librarian Resume.
4. Education details with completion times are also essential because a Librarian, handling a library should be well educated and must possess sufficient knowledge, to handle different types of books on different subjects.
5. Any completion of specialized librarian course is added advantage and should be mentioned in the Librarian resume.

Specific Instructions

When preparing a Librarian Resume, you need to keep in mind the following general things.
• In the body of your resume, use bullets with short sentences rather than lengthy paragraphs.
• Highlight your strengths and expose what is most relevant to the potential employer.
• Focus on the requirements of Librarian and how you best fit them.
• Emphasize what you can do for an employer rather what he / she can do for you.
• Never forget to write your telephone number in your Resume.

Librarian Resume should have following points as well. You need to tell your employer that you can;

• Arrange special places for keeping books, journals and audiovisual items.
• Compose required book list with thorough examination for avoiding duplication.
• Maintain required reference search categorizes.
• Grant photocopy of preferred journals and other items on apposite requests
• Take due measures for putting off copyrights and photocopy procedures

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