Tips for Health Nursing Resume

The basic duty of Health Nursing is to take care of the patients recuperating on the health clinic or hospital bed, shop by arranging glucose bottles, buy administrating injection and so on.

Hence, the job applicant for the Health Nursing should write about the knowledge of nursing field accrued from working in other hospitals or expertise gained by attending nursing specialization courses, in the Resume.

The following Tips for Health Nursing Resume will guide the job seeker, to write her own resume for the offered job:

Write about your expertise in nursing field, gained through, working in other hospitals and excelling in nursing specialization courses.

  • Use plain Ivory sheet of paper for writing your resume
  • You can now start with the Contact Details – Under this sub heading, write your full name, residential address, telephone or cell phone numbers and Email address.
  • Objective – Under this sub heading, you should write showing your aspiration for specific post, which stems from your past working experience in other hospitals or health clinics.
  • Personal & Professional Summary – In this section, you can show your capability to carry out your responsibilities of looking after the patients efficiently, due to your past working experience in the similar field.

The fresher can show their dexterity to work in this field due to their inborn qualities and health nursing professionalized courses they have completed.

You should also show any awards or accolades conferred on you for excelling in this field.

General and Professional EducationUnder this sub heading you can write your academic details, which can include your post graduation, graduation, High School and any nursing specialization course, you have completed. Mention the names of educational institutes, curriculum of your studies, course duration and completion date.

You can also show any special training, attended during nursing specialization course.     
Professional Experience-
If you are working or worked previously in any Nursing Homes, Health Clinics or hospitals, you can write about your professional experience, the types of job performed by you, duration of your working in the respective job and position held for the employment.

You can start with your present job experience, followed by respective job details.

Extra & Technical Skills

This sub heading is important for fresher as well as experienced job seekers, as you should show your natural qualities needed for the nursing career. You can mention all such skills carried by you.

If you have good knowledge of computer and hospital software, you can show these expertises in this section.

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